Nanda Devi Festival in Nainital-2020

Nanda Devi Festival is one of the major festivals celebrated in Uttarakhand. It is celebrated every year in the month of July-August. It is celebrated not only in Nainital but also in many other cities of Kumaon like Almora, Bhowali,Bageshwar etc.This festival is celebrated in Nainital for 3 to 5 days, in this festival Nanda Sunanda Devi is worshiped.The temple is decorated in a very beautiful way which seems very tempting. The townspeople worship Mata Nanda, Sunanda Devi in the temple every day, during this time a fair is also held in the city, which the townspeople and tourists enjoy very much. Finally, the idol (Dola) of Nanda,Sunanda Devi is rovolved in the city and it is then immersed in water near the “Pasan Devi Temple”.

Nanda Devi Festival in Nainital-2020

This year also the festival of Nanda Devi is being celebrated in Nainital but due to Covid-19 this festival is being celebrated with great simplicity in this festival.The preparation of this festival is being done by the temple committee, but due to Covid-19 this year, the common people have not been included in this puja and the fair will not be held every year.Some images of this year festival

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