Horse Gram ( Kulath ):
Grown over a wide range of soils, Horse gram or Kulath / Gahat as it is locally known , is a much preferred 'pulses ' of Uttaranchal . It is also renowned for its perceived medicinal properties used for relief from arthritis and kidney stones . The whole grain is soaked then fried or boiled to make dal or soup . It is grown at an altitude ranging from 1200m to 1800m above sea level .

Local Name : Gahat
Botanical Name : Macrotyloma Uniflorum
Variety : VI Ghait - 1
Nutritional Constituents : Water 12.0 g , protein g , Fat 0.5 g , Iron 8.4 mg , Calcium 287 mg , Carbohydrates 57.2 g , phosphorus 3.11 mg , vitamin A-IU 118.3 Vitamin B-IU 0.42 , Calories 321.

Benefits Of Kulath Gram

Horse gram is a very popular food in the northern hilly regions of India. Locally known as kulath it has many health benefits associated with it. Let us discuss about some of them in this article and find out why horse gram is becoming so popular all over the world.

The plant of horsegram is known to show antioxidant, astringent and diuretic action. It has been found to be specially useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, diarrhea and hemorrhage. Horsegram plant has been also found useful in cases of bleeding during pregnancy, leucorrhea and menstrual disorders.

People suffering from spleen enlargement, colic and weak liver can also benefit from this plants medicinal properties. People with kidney stones, hypertension, gall stones also benefit from its intake.

Kulath or horse gram is rich in B-complex vitamins and protein. It is quite delicious to taste and at the same time highly nutritious. Hence it is a favorite food of a large number of people ranging from young to old.

In India it is commonly prescribed in ayurvedic medicine for conditions like difficult breathing, cough, gastric problems, ulcers, worm infections and excessive perspiration. Some alternative medicine experts even consider horse gram as a good remedy to control joints pain. It can be also used as a natural health tonic.

However horse gram is not considered adequate for people who have tuberculosis or women who are pregnant.

Uses Of Horse Gram As Medicine

People who have gall or kidney stones can take horse gram by soaking a little quantity in glass of water for 8 to 10 hours. The soaked horse gram can be mashed up and consumed two times a day or the infusion can be taken again two times a day whichever way one likes.

Horse gram is excellent food for those who are looking to loose some weight.

Eating kulath regularly helps in getting rid of worm infections. It tones up the digestive system and prevents acidity and flatulence.

For relief from cold take a small amount of horse gram boil it in water, filter and cool it. Mix it in a grinder with water and make a semi solid paste. Add pepper to this paste and drink for relief from cold, sore throat and cough.